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my name is hanna-
& i'm so happy your here! 

The way I tell your story is capturing the raw and the real moment. It's genuine, imperfect and beautiful all at once because that's how life is! To me, candid and authentic moments are so much more meaningful than a stiff pose. These are the perfectly imperfect moments of your wild and wonderful life and I'm honored to turn those moments into art that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

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My experience with Hanna is quite a unique one, about 24 hours before my wedding my photographer canceled due to editing software. I was distraught and clearly upset but she assured me that she had already spoken with another photographer and secured her for me and guaranteeing she’s comfortable with location as well as pricing. I’m not really sure what both my husband and I expected, but Hanna exceeded those tremendously. It was raining that day in the photos that she was able to capture were nothing short of a miracle and phenomenal. My ceremony was short and sweet but I know my husband and I will remember how incredible that day was all because of Hanna. We will always view her as part of the family after that day, Hanna thank you for giving me the best day ever!

Dom & Alex, TN